Exporting your data
How to export your posts from Able
Currently, it is only possible to export your post data from Able. To export your posts from Able you can do the following:

While logged in to your Able account:
  1. 1.
    from the Able homepage, click on your profile picture at the the top right.
  2. 2.
    select Settings
  3. 3.
    select Account from the settings side menu
  4. 4.
    under Account settings, click Download your data. You will only see this button if you have posts in your Able account
  5. 5.
    you will receive an email within 10 minutes with a link to download your data as a .zip file

Once you've downloaded your file and unzipped it, it should look like this:
├── images
│ ├── 0188uit
│ │ └── image_name_a.jpg
│ │ └── image_name_b.jpg
│ ├── 061m54b
│ │ └── image_name_c.jpg
│ ├── 08vkfwu
│ │ └── image_name_d.jpg
│ │ └── image_name_e.jpg
│ ├── 09bj4ox
│ │ └── image_name_f.jpg
└── posts.json

There is an /images directory which contains all images, referenced in your posts. Each folder in /images has a name that corresponds to a post id and that folder contains all of the images that belong to that post id

posts.json contains the data for all of your posts. This is what that looks like:
"views": 174,
"html": "<p>This is where the post body goes</p>",
"tags": ["Test"],
"updated": "2020-05-29 07:13:04.258680+00:00",
"title": "An example post",
"id": "0188uit",
"header_image": null,
"slug": "an-example-post",
"markdown": "This is where the post body goes",
"pub_date": 2020-05-29 07:13:04.258680+00:00,
"created": "2020-05-29 07:13:04.258707+00:00",
"subtitle": null,
"published": true,
"canonical_url": null
Note that all image URLs inside posts.json are updated to point to the local image reference in the zip file. For example, any images in the post.json folder above will look like this:
<img src="/images/0188uit/image_name_a.jpg" />

If you experience any issues with your data exports, please email [email protected] or raise an issue in our suggestion box on GitHub.
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